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Planting Trees

Lady and Griffin

"Lady and Griffin are two gorgeous conures with big personalities in tiny little bodies!  Griffin is the grub of the pair, he's the messiest and is still learning how to keep his feathers looking nice and neat!  He is the most social of the two and LOVES everybody.  Whether he's known you for a long time, or meeting you for the first time, he's happy to socialise and perch on your shoulder.  His favourite foods include blueberries, carrot and spinach.

Lady is the polar opposite of Griffin, she is neat and tidy and eats her food with etiquette and grace.  She must always look her best and spends a lot of time grooming and preening.  She also loves her baths.  Lady isn't as social as Griffin and takes her time warming up to you, however once she knows you and is comfortable, she is gentle and very polite.  Lady's favourite foods include quinoa and kiwi fruit.  Despite their differences, they love each other very much. Both are wonderful in their own ways and were true gems to adopt.


Fred is one of 5 birds that came from a horrible neglect case. The conditions were so bad, the birds were taken directly to the vet after collecting them. The cages they were in were not salvageable due to a year of not being cleaned (mountains of poo and all sorts of things growing on the cages that would not be removable). The birds went through random periods of starvation, and then mountains of seed. A few had died of starvation including Fred's partner. 
Thankfully, Fred is in his new loving forever home. Below is what his new mommy had to say about him. "Fred has settled in so well with us & our other tiels. His feathers have started to grow back on his chest and head where he did have bald patches. The vet says he has gained good muscle. A good diet of pellets & daily fresh mix of lots of veg and fruit has improved his physical health and appearance. He has perked up and built confidence to be close to us humans. Not a fan of fingers but he is happy to perch on my shoulder/ arm & Loves to chirp and chatter. Fred has even formed a close friendship with our other yellow tiel, Rosie. He is magnetized, loves to adventure by her side & show off his heart wings to her. It is safe to say Fred is a happy birdy and finally living the life he deserves with us."

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"I didn’t think I’d ever keep birds as pets until I met Sid. 
He’s a very special 48 year old man
He’s loved by everyone in the family and makes us laugh every day."


"I met Siren the Indian Ringneck while volunteering at Kiwi’s one day. She was in a cage and was very aggressive, lunging and trying to bite through the bars. She was a lost and found that no one claimed after several months. A few weeks later I was volunteering again in one of the bird rooms. A female blue Ringneck approached me out of the cage. She started making kissy noises at me. So I reached out and she let me pat her on the head. After a minute she jumped on my shoulder and wouldn’t leave. I was shocked to learn that she was the same Ringneck I met a few weeks earlier! She wouldn’t leave my side and I could just tell she wanted to be with me. I believe she chose me. So my partner and I fostered her at home for 4 weeks as a trial. She was a bit hesitant at first. She didn’t know how to step up so first off we taught her that (with the help of some treats and kisses). We learnt she LOVES to play. Balls and bells are her favourite. She was scared at first and bit and screamed the first few days, but after about a week she never bit us again. After 4 weeks, we decided to adopt her! She is in her forever home now with us and we couldn’t be happier. We are very lucky to have her in our lives."



His new owner says, "He's a typical male budgie.  He's very playful, but sweet, and allows Poppy, his new budgie buddy, to be the boss. He's right at home and flies around. He loves going into the cockatiel cages when he's out and talking to the mirrors and having a play in there. He also likes checking out their food to see if they have anything better."


"Parrots are hard work. Raffi has complex and time consuming dietary requirements, demands attention 110% of the time, destroys everything he can, has an overwhelming desire to poop on my clean washing and thinks my feet are the devil and will bite them as hard as he can. He's gotten stuck, requiring a rescue that involves me getting bitten a bunch, hard. Sometimes he decides it's awake time at 6am on the weekends and I certainly can't argue with a screaming parrot.  He's also so expensive. I keep needing to buy odd things to keep him in tip top shape." 

Would I give it up? No way! I adore him.  But I want people to know how difficult this is before they commit to a feather baby.  I love him, and the needs all feel easy to me, but I can see why so many others can't deal with such a complex animal. I still think it's worth it. Waking up to him chatting away, excited to see me, or realising that he's learnt how peekaboo works is just great!"


Lemon and Bergamont

"The adoption process through Kiwi’s New Life Bird Rescue was an easy process. Lisa is a wealth of knowledge and information on many varieties of pet birds and was able to advise me away from a larger parrot, to a bird that was more suitable to my lifestyle. Before choosing on a bird, Lisa has you come around and hang out with the flock so as to make sure you get the right bird for you. Much like in Harry Potter, the bird chooses you. Lemon and Bergamot have been fantastic additions to my life."

Chihiro and Harvey

"We adopted Chihiro (on the left) 7 months ago as a companion for Ashby (in the middle) after visiting the rescue and being instantly drawn to him. We are so happy to have him and his goofy personality in our family. We loved the experience so much, that 2 months ago, when we saw Harvey (on the right) on the rescues instagram, we knew we had to meet him and ended up taking him home that day. He has blossomed so quickly into a clingy little boy. He loves to spend hours on our shoulders preening us and showing off his cheeky lorikeet personality.  Adopting from KNLBR has been such a rewarding and enriching experience for us, we couldn't imagine life without our boys.- Martine & April"

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